How to Begin Reading the Bible as  a Catholic

A free online course designed for the lay faithful of the Archdiocese of Detroit and those seeking to Unleash the Gospel! 


August 17, 2020  -  September 13, 2020

Know you should read the Bible more, but not sure quite how to begin?

How to Begin Reading the Bible as a Catholic is a free online course for Catholics who want to learn the basics about how to read the Bible and apply the Word of God in daily life. This course is the result of a collaborative effort of Sacred Heart Major Seminary’s Institute for Lay Ministry and the Catholic Biblical School of Michigan.

“Sometimes people joke about being ‘Good Catholics’ because they do NOT know or read the Bible. But the fact is, we will be good Catholics only if we DO read and study the Bible. As St. Jerome once said: ‘Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.’ If you’re not sure how to start, this course is for you! You don’t have to have a Ph.D. in Bible to begin reading it and discovering the riches of God’s Word.” 

– Dr. Peter Williamson

Adam Cardinal Maida Chair of Sacred Scripture, Sacred Heart Major Seminary

Chair of the Board of Directors, Catholic Biblical School of Michigan



How is this course structured?

This FREE non-credit course is being offered online using the seminary's learning management system, Canvas. Upon signing up for the course, students will receive a username and password for accessing the online class.

The class will be conducted online giving students the freedom to engage with the material and complete course tasks around their own schedule. The class will consist of four modules which can be completed according to the individual's own pace.

Each module will be hosted by Dr. Tamra Fromm, Lead Instructor at the Catholic Biblical School of Michigan. Each module will  include:

- Lecture Video (~20 minutes)
- Supplemental Reading Material (~30-minutes)
- Online Discussion Forum
- Personal Assessment Quiz

The goal of the course is not to deliver a high level of rigor or stress, but instead expose any Catholic who wants to learn more about the fundamentals to encountering God's word in Sacred Scripture.

Consider this a retreat experience for the lay faithful, done at your own pace and guided by faculty from Sacred Heart Major Seminary and the Catholic Biblical School of Michigan. This is an opportunity to grow a deeper relationship and spend time with the Lord. 

What will be covered?  

Opening & Closing Remarks  |  Dr. Peter Williamson, STD


  • Introductory Module - Why Read and Study the Bible?
  • Conclusion Module - Conclusion: Where to Go from Here?

Adam Cardinal Maida Chair of Sacred Scripture - Instructor Bio



How to Read the Bible as a Catholic  |  Dr. Tamra Fromm, PhD


  • Module 1 - Studying the Bible as a Catholic
  • Module 2 - Which Version of the Bible Should I Use?
  • Module 3 - Engaging the Cultural World of the Bible
  • Module 4 - Praying with Scripture 
Lead Instructor, Catholic Biblical School of Michigan - Instructor Bio 


"Listening and responding to God’s word in the Sacred Scriptures must be at the heart of our efforts to unleash the Gospel. One who is in love desires to know more and more about the beloved. Since all Scripture speaks of Christ, immersing ourselves in the word is a way to deepen our initial encounter and grow in our relationship with him."
– Archbishop Allen Vigneron
Unleash the Gospel, 25
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