The Mission of the Laity


A free online course designed for the lay faithful of the Archdiocese of Detroit and those seeking to Unleash the Gospel!  





This course will introduce you to the incredible dignity and mission of the lay faithful. Through their rebirth in Baptism and their anointing in Confirmation, the laity receive a high calling in Christ and the Spirit. Christ, the Anointed One, welcomes us into a "royal priesthood" and gives us a real share in His mission. He calls each baptized person into a radical life of missionary discipleship. As we cling to Christ and follow Him daily, we are tasked with bringing the power and influence of the Gospel wherever we are, into whatever we’re doing. There are three traditional roles assigned to this lay mission: the priestly, the prophetic, and the royal. Each week of the course will be dedicated to one of these and the ways we are called to live them out--in the church, and especially in the world. 

How is this course structured?

This FREE non-credit course is being offered online using the seminary's learning management system, Canvas. Upon signing up for the course, students will receive credentials for accessing the online class.

The class will be conducted online giving students the freedom to engage with the material and complete course tasks around their own schedule. The class will consist of three modules (each a week long) and run from July 8, 2019 to July 28, 2019.

Each module will be taught by one of our distinguished faculty members and include:

- Weekly Lecture Video (~20 minutes)
- Supplemental Reading Material (~30-minutes)
- Weekly Online Discussion Forum
- Personal Assessment Quiz


What will be covered?  

Introduction to the Mission of the Laity | Dr. John Gresham

GreshamDr. Gresham will open the course with an overview of the threefold mission of the laity, conferred through baptism and completed in confirmation: Priestly, Prophetic, and Royal.

Professor of Theology  - Instructor Bio 



Prophetic Mission | Dr. John Gresham

GreshamDr. Gresham introduces the prophetic mission of the laity and the powerful witness they are called to give in the world.

Professor of Theology - Instructor Bio 




Priestly Mission | Dr. Matthew Gerlach

GerlachDr. Gerlach introduces the priestly mission of the laity and how the laity are called to carry out their mission in the world.

Associate Professor of Theology - Instructor Bio 




Royal Mission | Dr. Matthew Gerlach

GerlachDr. Gerlach introduces the royal mission of the laity and how they are called to order all temporal things according to the Spirit of Christ.

Associate Professor of Theology - Instructor Bio 


"Proclaiming Christ means showing that to believe in and follow him is not only something right and true, but also something beautiful, capable of filling life with new splendor and profound joy, even in the midst of difficulties"
– Pope Francis
Joy of the Gospel, 167


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