The Seven Deadly Sins And Their Remedies
with Dr. Kevin Clarke



A free online EQUIP course brought to you by the Institute for Lay Ministry
of Sacred Heart Major Seminary!

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Free Online Self-Paced Course


Delve into the fascinating world of the seven deadly sins that have captured the imaginations of literary giants like Dante and artistic legends like Hieronymus Bosch. But did you know the wisdom to conquer these 'capital vices' has been with us for centuries? Long before modern times, the revered Fathers of the Church identified these sins—sometimes called the 'eight evil thoughts' in the East—and offered time-tested remedies.

Are you ready to learn how capital vices can prove to be important considerations for self-diagnosis in the examination of your conscience and how the virtues can provide healing for our spiritual ailments? Our 6-module course is your gateway to understanding how these capital vices affect your life and, more importantly, how to harness the virtues for your personal growth.

In this FREE online self-paced course you will:

  • Learn to diagnose your inner struggles and examine your conscience with newfound clarity.
  • Uncover the ancient wisdom of luminaries such as Gregory the Great, Augustine, Maximus the Confessor, and many more.
  • Discover how to turn your 'evil thoughts' into virtuous living, taking strides towards holiness.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to strengthen your spiritual well-being this Lent.


How is this course structured?

This FREE, non-credit course is being offered online using the seminary's learning-management system, Canvas. Upon signing up for the course, students will receive a username and password for accessing the online class.

The class will be conducted online giving students the freedom to engage with the material and complete course tasks around their own schedule. The class will consist of six modules which can be completed according to the individual's own pace.

Each module will be hosted by Dr. Kevin Clarke, Dean of the Institute for Lay Ministry.

Each module will include:

- Lecture Video (~20 minutes)
- Lectio Divina Exercise (~10 minutes)
- Personal Assessment Quiz (~5 minutes)
- Supplemental Reading Material

The goal of the course is not to deliver a high level of rigor or stress, but instead engage Catholics who want to learn more about their faith.

Consider this a personal study or retreat experience, done at your own pace.  This is an opportunity to grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord and with others.

What will be covered?  

Module 1: A Brief History of the Deadly Sins
Module 2: Repelling Evil Thoughts with the Virtues
Module 3: The "Base" Passions and the Path to Self-Mastery
Module 4: The "Spirited" Passions and the Path to Peace
Module 5: Overcoming a Vice of the Whole Soul
Module 6: Humility to Conquer the Rational Passions

presented by:


Dr. Kevin Clarke

Dean of the Institute for Lay Ministry and Associate Professor

"Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires." 

Gal. 5:24  

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